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Written by Gwenda on April 10th 2014
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used A&S Snapper script, which you can download

Scrapkit is a beautiful kit called Marlene by Nika at Devilish Dezines. I love the blue in this kit!
You can purchase Nika’s kits from ScrapsnCompany

Tube of choice. I used a matching tube by Vi Nina also called Marlene
You can purchase these tubes through ScrapsnCompany as well. A one stop shop lol

Mask of choice – I used 0Mask 046
I’m not sure where I got this mask, so if it is yours, please let me know and I will either remove it, or give credit.
You can download this mask.

Open a new raster 700 x 700 and fill white.
Layers – new raster layer.
Selections – select all. Paste Paper 5 into selection.
Apply mask 0Mask 46
In layers palette, merge group.
Duplicate – mirror. Merge both mask layers together.

Frame 4 – Resize 80%. Paste above the mask layer. Free rotate Right 90.
Click inside frame with magic wand.
Selections – modify – expand 4.
Layers – new raster layer. Paste Paper 4 into selection.
Sharpen paper
Dropshadow frame.
In layers palette, move paper to sit below the frame layer
Drop opacity of the paper to 50.
Element 32 (star scatter) – Resize 80%. Paste above Frame and slide to bottom right corner.
Duplicate. Merge both together.
Duplicate – Mirror.
Dropshadow both.

Tube – Mirror. Resize 75% then 80%.
Paste above element 32 layer. Slide to bottom and erase any overhang at the bottom. Sharpen.

Element 34 (brown grass) – Resize 80%. Paste above mask layer and slide to bottom centre. Sharpen
Duplicate. Resize one copy 60%. In layers palette, move this to sit above Tube. Slide to bottom right corner.
Dropshadow both.

Element 27 (brown leaves) – Resize 60% then 75%. Paste between tube and top copy of Element 34 layer and slide right.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 13 (blue bullrush) – Resize 80%. Paste above element 27 layer and slide to the right

Element 26 (blue feathery plant) – Resize 50% then 80%.
Paste above Element 13 layer and slide down and right
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Top copy of element 34 should be the next layer

Element 25 (mushroom) – Resize 40%. Paste above top copy of element 34 layer and slide right and down.

Element 11 (blue leaves) – Resize 40%. Paste above element 25 layer and slide right and down.

Element 41 (blue lilies) – Resize 50% then 60%. Paste above element 11 layer and slide right and down.

Element 14 (2 bunches flowers) – Resize 50%. Paste above element 41 layer and slide right and down.
Erase bunch on left

Element 12 (Rock) – Resize 60% then 80%.  Erase bottom shadow.
Paste above element 14 layer and slide to bottom centre.

Element 29 (Lily on pad) – Mirror. Resize 60%. Erase shadows at the bottom.
Paste above element 12 layer and slide to bottom left corner.

Element 35 (Frog) – Resize 40% then 80%. Paste above element 29 layer and slide to bottom left. Position on lily pad

Element 31 (Butterfly) – Resize 30%. Paste above element 35 layer and slide left.
Sharpen. Duplicate – Resize 75%. Mirror
Dropshadow both.

Add any other embellishments of choice.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.

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