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Written by Gwenda on March 13th 2014
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
 Made for a friend

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Machine Script, which you can find

Scrapkit is a beautiful kit called Travel by Nika of Devilish Designz.
This is the same kit as the tutorial above called Her Travels. As you can see, it is almost two kits in one, the elements are so different. Such a fun kit to work with, thanks Nika.
Nika’s kits are being sold at ScrapsnCompany. You can purchase them

Tube of choice. I used Paul by Danny Lee
You can purchase these tubes from ScrapsnCompany also.

Open a new raster 800 x 800 and fill white.

Frame 4 – Resize 90%.
Paste. Slide up to the top.
Click inside frame with magic wand.
Selections – modify – expand 10.
Layers – new raster layer. Paste HIS TRAVELS - Sky into selection.
Sharpen paper
Dropshadow frame.
In layers palette, move paper to sit below the frame layer.

Element 28 (Pyramids) – Resize 80%. Paste above Sky layer. Slide down and position as desired.

Element 9 (wire mesh) – Erase all the floaty bits – those that aren’t attached to the main piece.
Resize 70%.
Paste above white background layer and slide to bottom left corner.
Duplicate – mirror - flip
 Dropshadow both.

Element 18 (fishing net) – Resize 70%. Paste above frame layer.
Free rotate Right 90 and slide to the right.
Duplicate and merge both layers together

Element 17 (Torn cloth) – Resize 30% Paste above element 18 and slide to the centre. You can always rearrange elements later.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 31 (Map) –Copy twice (Shift D), and close original.
On one copy Resize 60% + 80%. Paste above torn cloth layer and slide to bottom right corner.
Sharpen. Dropshadow
Leave the other copy for the moment – we’ll get to that shortly

Element 36 (Plant) – Resize 75%. Paste above element 31 layer and slide to bottom left.

Element 21 (Feather) – Resize 50% then 80%. Paste above element 36 layer. Slide down a little.

Element 35 (Crate) – Resize 60%. Paste above element 21 layer.
Slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 32 (Boots) – Resize 60%. Paste above element 35 layer and slide to the far right.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 4 (Ticket) –Resize 50% then 70%. Paste above element 32 layers.
Sharpen. Slide to the bottom.
Duplicate. On bottom copy, Free rotate Left 20.
Dropshadow both

Element 45 (Clock) – Resize 40%. Paste above element 4 layers.
Sharpen. Slide to the bottom centre

Element 10 (Magnifying Glass) – Resize 40%. Free rotate Left 20.
Paste this onto your open copy of element 31 Map.
Slide down to the bottom and find a place that you want to “Magnify”
Using your selection tool, carefully draw around the outside of the glass part. Selections – invert. Click on map and hit delete.
In layers palette, make sure the map piece is below the magnifying glass.
Dropshadow magnifying glass, and merge visible.
You should be left with one layer which is the map showing through the glass.
Copy this, and paste it onto your tag, above the element 45 layer. Slide down into position over the map, so it appears that you are seeing a magnified piece of the map.

Tube – If using the same one as me, resize 80%.
Paste as top copy. Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Add any other embellishments of choice.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.

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