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Written by Gwenda on January 6th 2014
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Alba Matter, found

Scrapkit is a cute Free to Use kit called Naturally by Mirella at A Space Between.
(Previously known as Scrappity Scraps and More)
Thank you so much for sharing your kits with us Mirella.
You can find this kit and more  

Close up tube of choice. I used Annabelle by Keith Garvey, which can be purchased from his store

Mask of choice – I used WSL4 from Wee Scots Lass

Open new canvas 700 x 700
Fill with white.

Layers – new raster layer.
Selections – select all. Paste Paper 2 into selection.
Duplicate paper – mirror. Erase the lighter half of the top paper and merge down to the paper underneath.
Apply mask WSL4
In layers palette, merge group.
Stretch to all sides
Duplicate – merge down.

Element 21 (frame) –Paste above Mask layer. Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Tube – Paste above Frame 1 layer. Slide into position. Dropshadow

Click inside Frame with magic wand. Selections – modify - expand 4. Layers – new raster layer. Paste Paper 3 into selection.
Drop opacity of paper to 75
In layers palette, make sure the paper layer is sitting below the frame.  

Element 28 (white flower) – Paste above mask layer and slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Duplicate. Slide one copy up to centre
Stretch to fit inside frame (doesn’t matter if it looks a little blurry).
Dropshadow both.

Element 35 (leaves) – Mirror.
Paste above tube layer and slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Duplicate – Mirror - Flip.
Slide to the left and up a bit.
Dropshadow both.

Element 44 (white flower with stem) – Resize 65%.
Paste above element 35 layers and slide left and up.
Sharpen. Duplicate – mirror. Slide left and down.
Dropshadow both.

Element 25 (feather) – Paste above element 44 layers.
Slide left. Sharpen.
Duplicate – mirror. Slide to left and down a little
Dropshadow both.

Element 29 (white seed pods) –Paste between the two feather layers.
Free rotate Left 20. Slide left.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 42 (flower spray) –Paste above top feather layer.
Slide to the bottom left corner.

Element 31 (blue ribbon) – Paste above element 42 layer.
Slide to the bottom left corner.

Element 13 (blue bird) – Resize 50%. Paste above ribbon layer.
Slide to the bottom.

Element 40 (green bird) – Resize 50%. Paste above blue bird layer.
Slide to the bottom.

Element 48 (butterflies) – Paste above green bird layer.
Carefully erase the top two butterflies.
Slide to the bottom left corner.
Using selection tool, carefully draw around one of the butterflies. In layers palette, right click – promote selection to layer.
You should now have a single butterfly to move wherever you want.
Duplicate a couple of times and scatter round your tag

Add any other embellishments of choice.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.

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