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Written by Gwenda on December 10th 2013
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Marela, found

Scrapkit is a lovely Free to Use kit called Silent Night, by Designs by Vaybs
You can download this kit

Tube of choice. I used a cute Christmas one by Al Rio. I purchased mine from CDO, but I’m unsure if his work is being sold since his death.
His site is

This tag also looks gorgeous without a tube.

Mask of choice – I used 0Mask 046
I’m not sure where I got this mask, so if it is yours, please let me know and I will either remove it, or give credit.
You can download this mask


New canvas 600 x 600
Fill white.

Layers – new raster layer.
Selections – select all. Paste Paper 3 into selection.
Apply mask 0Mask 046
In layers palette, merge group.
Duplicate – mirror. Merge both mask layers together.

Frame 4 –Paste above mask layer.
Click inside frame with magic wand (make sure you get all the little bits at the top). Selections – modify – expand 8.
Layers – new raster layer. Paste Paper 14 into selection.
Move paper below frame.
Dropshadow frame

Element 40 (window) – Paste below frame, above the paper layer. Drop opacity of window to 60.

Element 21 (tree) – Paste above window layer and slide right.
Dropshadow. (NOTE: If you are doing this tag without a tube, then move the tree to sit above Frame instead)

Element 44 (beads) – Resize 50%. Paste above window layer.
Slide to the right under the top of the frame
Sharpen. Duplicate – mirror.
Merge both bead layers together.
Erase the sides where they poke out from under the frame.

OK . . . now for the fun bit – the Snow!!

Click on the window layer, which should be sitting just under the beads layer.
Go to Snow 484 x 484 and copy frame 1.
Back to your tag, and paste as a new layer. Rename SNOW1

If you don’t want to animate, do not paste any more snow layers, but go directly to ***

Back to Snow 484 x 484 and copy frame 2
Back to your tag and paste as a new layer above SNOW1.
Rename this one SNOW2.

Keep doing this with all the snow frames from Snow 484 x 484, pasting each one above the other and renaming as you go.
You should end up with 10 snow layers and a really messy looking tag lol.
Don’t Panic! Tidy-up time.

*** Click on Paper 3 layer. Selections – Select all. Selections – float. Selections – defloat. Selections – invert. Click on each of the snow layer(s) in order, and hit delete.

Now in layers palette, go to each of the snow layers, and click the little eye to the left to close it. Do this to all snow layers except SNOW1.

Tube – Paste above Frame and slide to the right. Position as desired

Element 51 (red berries on stalk) – Resize 80% twice.
Paste above tube layer and slide left and up.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 55 (gold flower stem) –Mirror. Resize 70%. Paste above Element 51 layer and slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Duplicate. Resize 80% and slide right and down.
Dropshadow both

Element 52 (green berries on stalk) – Resize 80% twice.
Paste between element 55 layers. Slide left. Erase stalk at bottom and slide down a bit more
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 53 (red poinsettia) – Resize 60%.
Paste above element 52 layer and slide left and down.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 49 (candle & gift cluster) – Paste above element 53 layer and slide to bottom left corner.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Element 42 (scroll) – Resize 80%.
Paste above element 49 layer and slide to bottom right corner.
Sharpen. Dropshadow

Add any other embellishments of choice

Add copyrights

If you don’t want to do the animation, stop here.

Ready to Animate??

Open Animation Shop.

In PSP, close off white background.
In PSP make sure all snow layers are closed off, except SNOW1
Edit – Copy Special – Copy merged.
Go to Animation shop. Edit – paste – as new animation.

Back to PSP.
Close SNOW1 and open SNOW2.
 Edit – Copy Special – Copy merged.
Go to Animation shop. Edit – paste – after current frame.

Back to PSP.
Close SNOW2 and open SNOW3.
 Edit – Copy Special – Copy merged.
Go to Animation shop. Edit – paste – after current frame.

Repeat this last step, closing off one snow layer and opening the next until you have 10 frames in Animation shop.

In Animation Shop.
Edit – select all
Animation – animation properties.
Check box opaque and change colour to white. Click OK.

Edit – select all
Animation – frame properties. Change display time to 5

Save as a gif file.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing, as it’s a lovely snow effect if you take the time to do it.
Thanks for trying this tutorial and I would love to see your results!

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