Saturday, September 21, 2013


Scrap Kit by Bibi Collections called "Devilish" available at SATC

Matching Tube by Diana Gali one of my favorite artists called "Devilish Diana"
also available at SATC

Mask- WSL226 by Chelle


New Image- 800x800
Minimize WSL226\

Paper 4- 800x800- Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Use these settings throughout Tutorial

Frame- Element 72- 550x550- Paste as a New Layer
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Paper 8- 400x400- Paste into the Frame
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Close Up Tube- 500x497- Mirror Image- Paste into Frame
Erase any extra Tubing over Frame on Sides and Bottom

Open Full Tube- 500x703- Paste to Left of Frame

Element 19- Paste to Bottom Under Frame- Duplicate Layer
Paste again to Top Under Frame- Duplicate Layer
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 23- 500x389- Paste to Bottom Right Under Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste to Left-Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 24- Devilish Sign- 300x187- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 35- 300x274- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 41-300x300- Candles with Skull- Paste to Bottom
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 48- Paste to Top Center- Duplicate Layer
Paste beneath- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 62-Mirror Image- Paste to Right Behind Trunk
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 65- 250x143- Hell Sign- Paste to Top Center
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 66-300x255- Fire- Paste to Bottom Left- Duplicate Layer
Paste beside- Duplicate again- Mirror Image Paste beside-
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 70- Devil Chain- Paste to Left on Frame
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 8- Black Feather- 300x300-Mirror Image
 Paste to Right with other Feather- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 28- Red Curtain- 500x444- Paste to Right
 inside Frame as shown- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 12- 600x164- Paste to Bottom Under Frame- 
Duplicate Layer- Paste to Right as Shown-  Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 17- 500x491-Paste to Top Left behind Frame
Duplicate Layer-- Paste to Top Right- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 15- 200x200- Sparkle- Paste to to Left- Duplicate Layer
Paste to Right-Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 27- 75x114- Rose- Paste to Right
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

One Last Look Before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow 

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original first
Now Using Font Provided add your Name

All Done!
Tanks For Trying My tutorial Today

Hugs Diamond

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