Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here is another Tube View I Tried with ICZ Tubez

Tut will be looking at Garv Creation
1st Tag


Scrap kit- I am using kit called " Hard Core Valentine" created by Nicky at
 Inzpired Creationz which is available at SATC

Tube 1- I am using Keith Garvey Tube which you need a license to use 
and can get his art on his site

Tube 2- ICZ Tube which you need a license to use and can get over at SATC

Mask- WSL226 from Chelle

Font- Phrixus

OK, Lets Begin

New Image 800x800
Minimize Mask226

Paper 4- 800x800- Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer - From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers-Merge Group
Sharpen- Drop shadow using settings throughout tut

Frame 3- 550x534- Paste into Layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Glow Lights- 300x263- Paste to Right- Duplicate Layer
Paste to Left- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Car- 500x149- Paste to Bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Collar 1- 250x168 - Paste to Right On Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Corset- 200x343- Paste on Chains of Collar to Right as Shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Ice Cream- 150x286- Paste to Bottom Right 
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Sex Toy 4- 100x302- Paste to Left of Corset
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Ribbon 2- 350x155- Paste to Bottom Right Under Elements
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Ribbon 3- 350x181- Paste to Bottom Right Under Elements
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Glow Stick- 300x45- Paste on Car
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Heart 1- 150x200- Paste to top Right on Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Flower 2- 225x223- Paste to Left under Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste below as Shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Cuffs- 200x112- Paste to Left on Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Brad- 100x100- Paste to Right on Collar
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bow 3- 250x218- Paste to Left on Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Flower 1- 250 x 266- Paste to Top Left
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Glass- 250x225- Paste to Bottom Under the Car- Duplicate Layer to enhance
 Repeat Duplicating x2 pasting beside 

Open Your Tube-First the Close-Up 
Paste into your Frame making sure top of Tube is Over the Frame Top
as we will duplicate the layer- Erase any extra tube outside frame on sides and bottom
Duplicate layer and move up until it looks like Mine.
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Now open full Tube-  Image- Mirror- Paste to Left

One last look before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible
Save Original and now using the font provided you can add your Name

All Done!
Thanks for trying my tut today
Hugs Diamond

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