Friday, December 28, 2012



Scrap kit- 
A gorgeous kit created by Nicky at Inzpired Creationz called
" Angel Wishes" which you can get at SATC

 I am using a beautiful tube made by Misticheskaya which you need a license to use and may get her art at SATC

My one and only favorite Mask 226 from Chelle


OK Lets begin

New Image 800x800
Minimize your Mask226

Paper 3- Copy- Paste as a New Layer- Make sure the paper fills all of your canvas
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image WSL 226- OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen- Drop shadow using settings
4-4-40-5.00- Black

Paper 10- Again we will do another mask to intermingle with first one-
Fill canvas-Layers- New mask layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Arrange this mask to fit nicely in center of the first mask for more color
Adjust- automatic Color Enhancement using settings
More Colorful- Strong
Layers- Merge Visible

Frame 2- Re size 450x512- Paste as a new layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow same settings as above

Paper 6- Resize 400x400- Paste into your frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Tree 3- Copy- Paste to Left behind the frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Leaves 1- Image- Flip and Paste to left in front of Tree behind your Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Doodle 4- Paste to the Right behind your frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bow 1- Re size 300x375- Paste to Left of Frame
Ribbon 2-Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bow 3- 300x375- Paste next to Bow 1 as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Glitter Spill- Paste to Bottom Left under your Frame- Duplicate Layer
Duplicate again and paste that to right under frame then duplicate again to enhance the glitter
Sharpen- Drop shadow all

Ribbon 2- Paste at bottom over your glitter spill- Duplicate layer and paste beside as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Snow and Logs- Paste at bottom under your glitter but make sure it is seen at bottom like mine
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Harp- Paste to Right of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Sparkle Stars- Re size- 200x191- Paste to bottom of Harp
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bird- Re size 50x166- Paste at top of Harp
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Star 2- Re size 100x100- Paste to Bottom and duplicate x2 spreading them at bottom as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Open Your Tube- Paste your tube into the frame and move the tube layer down until all elements
are seen and it fits properly. You will have to re size your tube to your preference.

OK, almost done- double look at your creation and when satisfied your going to
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add your Copyright Information clearly and legibly

Layers- Merge Visible
Save your Original before using the font provided
Add your name now and your all done!

Thank you for trying my tut today peeps!
Happy New Year!

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