Sunday, December 30, 2012



Scrap kit 

A gorgeous kit created by Teresa over at Randy's Sin who is now selling her lovely kits
Congratulations Teresa and best of luck on your New Position! You can get this kit 50% off 
so hurry before Sale ends!!

 Keith Garvey Tube which you need a License to use and may get his art at his new

Chelle's WSL 226 as usual I cant use anything else lol!  I love that one lol!

Bull Pen

OK Lets Begin

New Image 800x800
Minimize Your WSL226 Mask

Paper 10- 800x800- Fill  whole canvas- Layers- New Mask Layer-
From Image - WSL226-OK- Layers- Merge Group
Sharpen- Drop shadow using settings 4-4-40-5.00-Black

Adding another Mask layer Now
Paper 4- Copy- Paste into canvas-
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image WSL226-OK
Sharpen- Drop shadow and arrange this mask to mix with the original
Layers- Merge Visible- Drop shadow same settings- Sharpen

Balloons 1- Re size 200x304- Paste to Left of Frame
 Sharpen-Drop shadow same settings as above

Champagne Set 1- re size 250x287-Paste to Bottom Right of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Fireworks 10- Re size 250x221- Pate to Left Top
Fireworks 7- Re size- 250x 238-Paste to left Top[
Sharpen- Drop shadow both

Hat 1- Re size 250x307- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Hearts 1- Re size
250x557- Paste to Right  behind Frame- Duplicate layer- Flip- Turn sideways - Paste top left under frame- Sharpen- Drop shadow both

Hat 2- Top Hat-Re size 150X150- Paste to Left

Streamers 5-red-150x 575- Copy - Paste to Bottom- Sharpen- Drop shadow
Streamers 7-gold-1150x 575 Copy - Paste to Bottom- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Mask- 250x312- Paste to Right
Sharpen-Drop shadow

 Deco 1- re sized 350x207- Paste to Bottom- Duplicate layer- Image - Mirror
Paste to right as shown

Add your tube- Move your layer down until all looks good and elements are in tact
One last look
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Layers- Merge Visible
Add Copyright info
Save your original

Now add your font provided to spell your name. Hope you enjoyed my tut today

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