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Written by Gwenda on November 14th 2012
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental

You will need:

Font of choice – I used Brandywine, found

Scrapkit is a Pay to Use kit called Shadowy Fall by Nika of Devilish Designz.
You can visit Nika’s site and purchase this beautiful kit

Close up tube of choice. I used Floating Lights by Selena Fenech. I bought this tube at CILM, but you can now buy them through CDO

Mask of choice – I used 0Mask046LT
I’m not sure where I got this mask, so I have supplied it. Please let me know if this is yours, and I will either remove, or supply credits.

New canvas 700 x 700
Fill white.

Layers – new raster layer.
Selections – select all. Paste Paper 8 into selection.
Apply mask 0Mask046 LT
In layers palette, merge group.
Duplicate - Mirror.
Merge both mask layers together.

Frame 4 - Resize 80% then 90% and paste in the  centre of your canvas.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Click inside Frame 4 with magic wand. Selections - modify - expand 8
Layers - new raster layer. Paste Paper 8 into selection.
Sharpen paper 8

Tube -  Position tube above Frame 4
Dropshadow – check box to put dropshadow on new layer.
Move shadow to right and down a bit.

Element 12 – resize 60% and position above mask in bottom left corner.
Duplicate – mirror – flip.

Element 40 – Position above Element 12 layer in bottom right corner.
Duplicate – mirror – flip.

Element 64 – Mirror. Resize 50%.
Position under tube, on left of frame. Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 76 – Resize 60%. Free rotate left 15.
Sharpen. Position at bottom right of frame.

Element 50 – Mirror. Resize 60%.
Place at bottom of frame. Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 14 – Mirror. Flip.
Resize  50% then 60%.
Place below element 50.
Sharpen. Dropshadow.

Element 13 – Resize 30% then 75%.
Position above element 50.
Sharpen. Duplicate. In layers palette, drag one below element 14layer, and move to the left.
Dropshadow both.

Element 5 – Resize 30%. Sharpen. Duplicate - mirror and resize 80%.
Move to left.
Dropshadow both.

Element 7 – Flip. Resize 35%. Sharpen. Position under element 5 layers.
Duplicate. Free rotate left 90. Move down and to the left.
Dropshadow both

Add any other embellishments of choice.

Crop & resize if desired.

Add copyrights and name.

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