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Scrap kit- This beautiful scrap kit is called
City of Despair and was created by 
 flamin_bird , one of my closest friends.
 Nika sells her Fabulous kits over at Pics for Design (PFD)

Right now her kits are selling for Only $1 and trust its a bargain all day long- they are 
September 30th a freebie sampler from Nika also starts tomorrow so check PFD and her Blog!
Nika also has her own Blog Devilish Dezines

Tube of Choice - I am using Keith Garvey my #1, which you need a license to use and can get it all at his new site, Garv-Girls PSP Tubes

Mask- WSL84- From Weescotslass Creations

Font- Guevara

OK Lets Begin!

New Image 700x700
Minimize your Mask WSL84

Paper 5- Copy-Paste as a new Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL84-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen

Frame 8- Re size 550x550- Paste into your Canvas
Sharpen-Drop shadow using these settings
6-6-35.00-5.00-Black throughout the tutorial

Paper 3- Re size 500x500- Paste into your Frame
Drop shadow same settings

Element 3- 200x300- Paste to Right on Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 35- 150 x177- Paste Left of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 38 - 200 x91- Paste to Right of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 44 - 400x282- Paste to the bottom of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 96 - 250x 553- Paste under Frame on Left
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 43- 150x228- Paste under Frame on bottom right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 81- 300x554- Paste into layer moving the layer all the way down right above your Mask Layer
Turn your element sideways adjusting as I have mine.
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Add Your Tube- Copy and paste your tube of choice and paste inside your frame
Make sure you move your layer down enough so all elements are visible and tube is inside your frame.
Make your tube large enough that the top of tube is above your frame as seen above. We are going to duplicate the layer and move it up till the tube is now exactly like mine. Erase any extra tubing  at bottom you might have.
One last look before we Merge
Layers-Merge Visible- Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add Copyright Information
Merge Visible
Save your original
 Now you may add your Name using the font provided
All done!

Thank you for trying my tut today and also checking out flamin_bird's


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