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A Beautiful Kit by KDesigns called "Forgiven" which was promoted as a free gift over at my favorite scrap site Digital Creations

The Great thing about Digital Creations is that once you register to the site, and I am guaranteeing your gonna love it, lol, that the promotional kits that are offered alerting your email outweighs any kits you may or may not purchase by far. I strongly encourage you all to check out this fantastic site. The Designers are top notch and you will love working with these kits making your creations.
With saying that, the kit offered is no longer available after like 5 days, so here is my zipped kit.
If you do take my advice and register there, let them know that Dee-Gee Creations told you about them.
Thanks in Advance!

Here is the kit

Tube of Choice- I am using a Keith Garvey tube, which you need a license to use and may both at his new site Garv-Girls PSP Tubes

Mask- I am using WSL226, over at Weescotslass Creations

Word art- I am using word art from Creative Misfits

Font- Aquarelle

 OK Finally we can get this party started!

New Image 700x700
Minimize your WSL226 Mask

Paper 5- Re size 700x700-Copy and Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group-Sharpen

Element 22-Frame-Re size 400x539-Paste into Canvas
Drop shadow using these settings 6-6-30.00-5.00-Black

**Use these settings thoughout the tutorial**

Paper 1-400x400-Copy- Paste into Frame

Element 21- Re size- 300x473- Copy-Paste to Right Bottom, turning it a bit as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 23- Gold Flower- 150x150- Paste to Right on Frame under the instrument
Erase any extra stem showing at bottom if any.
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 25-Star- Re size 100x122- Copy- Paste to Right Hanging on instrument knob
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 16- 150x492- Paste to Left on Frame- Erase the bottom stem
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 40- Beads- Re size 350x160-Paste to Left on your flower  by turning it long ways as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 36- Re size 100x 465- Copy- Paste to Left on top of beads like mine- 
Duplicate Layer- Mirror Image- Paste Beside as shown
Sharpen and Drop shadow both

Element 41- 200x 239- Copy- Paste to Left Bottom Make sure no stems
 are showing, if so erase them- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Open Tube of Choice- Using my Tube- Copy-Paste into Frame- Make sure you move your Layer down so all your other elements are visible and looks correct- Make your tube larger above the frame like mine. When you have your position, erase any excess at bottom over the frame if any-
Now Duplicate layer- Move your layer up till it looks as shown-

Word art- Colorize to your choice- I used html#421f2d in the Foreground Properties
Using flood fill tool fill your word art-

**If you use filters- I also could use I.C.Net Filters Unlimited- Color Effects-
Hue-244 Brightness-113 Saturation-118 to get same results**

Copy- Paste Your Word art to left bottom of Frame as shown- Position to your liking
Drop shadow

Take a last look to be sure your satisfied- I always Highlight my Mask Layer and make it larger 
to enhance my creation which is optional

Now Layers- Merge Visible- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Add your Copyright Information
Merge Visible

Save your Original and now using my Font Provided
Go ahead and add your Name

We are Done!

Thank you to all who try my Tutorial today.

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