Saturday, August 11, 2012


I am so happy to be back from a two week break!
The weather is gorgeous here and I am enjoying my summer for sure!

OK, This was a beautiful freebie I found today, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


Scrap kit- Beautiful Freebie offered by
 Createwings Designs and Catherine Designs 

You don't have to sign up for the site to get the freebie, scroll down you will see the download link.

Tube of Choice - I used Keith Garvey which you need a license to use and purchased it at PTE which is no longer in business.

I also made a second tag with an Anna Marine tube which also need a license to use and I bought her tubes at CDO

Mask- I used WSL226, My favorite which you can get from Chelle's site

Fonts- Garv  Tag- 

Anna Marine Tag-
 Brig Maven

OK Lets Begin!

New Image- 750x750
Minimize your Mask WSL226

Add-on Paper- The third paper not numbered in the kit
Re size- 750x750-Copy-Paste as a New layer

Layers- New mask layer-From image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group-Layers- Duplicate layer-Image-Mirror
Layers- Merge Visible
Drop shadow using these settings
3-3-30.00-5.00 Black

Frame 1- Re size 500x491- Copy-Paste into layer
Sharpen-Drop shadow using these settings from here on
5-5-30.00-5.00 Black

Paper 1- Re size 450x450- Paste into your frame- Erase around the frame for any 
extra paper not needed. Sharpen-Drop shadow

Button frame- Re size- 500x491- Paste on your frame-
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Cloud- Re size 250x235- Paste to right of frame- Duplicate layer-
Paste to the left- Drop shadow

Spray- Re size- 650x185- Paste at bottom as shown
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Heart Red- Re size-100x99- Paste to Right- Duplicate layer-
Paste to left as shown- Sharpen-Drop shadow

Branches Bow- Re size- 500x163-Paste at Bottom of your frame
Drop shadow
Clock G-2- Re size- 100x272- paste to left
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Canvas Heart 2- Re size 100x94- Paste on top of clock chain-
Drop shadow

Flower 1- Re size- 50x63- Paste to left- Drop shadow
Duplicate layer x3 pasting one to the right- the bottom of frame-
 and on top of the branch bow.

Text 2- Re size- 600x302- Paste under frame at the top as shown
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Collage Box 2- 100x102- Paste at bottom
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Red Heart- with love written- Re size-75x 94- Paste to Right
Drop shadow

Add Your Tube- Paste into your frame by moving your layer down till it fits
correctly- Adjust the tube so its top is over the frame because we are going to duplicate
the layer and move it up to look like mine. Erase any extra tubing you may have to 
position neatly. 

Take a last look to be sure your happy with your creation
Layers- Merge Visible- Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add your copyright information
Layers-Merge Visible

Save Your original

Add your font of choice for your name
All done!

I hope you enjoyed the tut today!


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