Friday, July 13, 2012


Good Afternoon Everyone!
I hope you are enjoying your summer.


Scrap Kit- I am using a beautiful free to use kit by
Scrapbooking Marzeny called "Sweet Girl"

Tube of Choice- I am using Keith Garvey's tube called
"Silvia", which you need a license to use and may get his art at PTE

Mask- Using Chelle's WSL226 Mask from her site

Font - Petty1.0

OK Lets Begin

New Image 750x750
Minimize your Mask WSL226

Paper 6- 750x750- Copy-Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer-From Image-WSL226-OK
Layers-Merge Group
Adjust-Automatic Saturation Enhancement
Normal-Bias- Strength-Strong
Sharpen-Drop shadow-( 2-2-30.00-5.00 Black)

Element 28- Frame- Re size 1000x1000 ( its small) Paste into layer
Sharpen-Drop shadow (4-4-30.00-5.00-Black)

Paper 9- Re size 400x400-Paste into Frame
Drop shadow- same settings as above

Element 1-Re size 400x546- Paste to left of frame erasing the top flower
Drop shadow

Element 11- Re size 250x247- Paste to left on the other flower as shown.
Drop shadow

Element 12- Re size 250x254- Paste to left at bottom of stem
Drop shadow

Element 13-Re size 150x108- Heart- Paste to the Bottom Left
Drop shadow

Element 43- Re size- 500x469- Paste under your frame
 on the Left, moving the layer down right above your "group mask layer"
Drop shadow

Element 52-Butterfly- Re size-125x97- Paste to the left-Drop shadow
Duplicate your layer- Paste to right- Drop shadow

Tube- Copy- Paste your tube inside the frame and arrange it
 so the top half is over the frame- still on the inside-
 Now Duplicate Layer and move your layer up one
Erase the bottom so it looks like mine
Drop shadow

Element 82-Re size- 400x400- Paste under your frame on the Right
Move layer down right above your mask layer-

**I used my "Filters Unlimited" to Color Boost**  

Element 71- Re size 500x445- Paste to Right under Frame
Drop shadow

Element 6- Re size 400x489- Paste to Right as shown
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 60- Word art "Sweet Girl"- Re size 400x240-
Adjust-Hue and Saturation-Colorize
Hue-136 Saturation-134

Paste to Right of Tag -Drop shadow

Element 72-Re size 400x422- Wheel- Paste to bottom Center
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 57- 200x134- Paste right on the center of wheel as shown
Drop shadow

Take a last look to make sure everything is in place.
Layers-Merge Visible
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add your Copyright information
Merge visible
Save your Original and go ahead using the font provided
to add your name.

 All Done! It was a longer tut today but the results were worth the time I feel.

 I hope you all enjoy my tut today


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