Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer this year!

I found this gorgeous FTU Collab called
"Summer Dream" offered by the ladies over at
Collab Girls Creations

Tube - I am using Pinuptoons one of my favorite artists. You need a license
to use,  and can get it all at CDO 

Mask- I am using my usual WSL226
From Chelle's site at

Font for Name- 
I used Dimwitright
Font- Wordart


Ok lets get this going !!

New Image 750x750
Minimize your Mask WSL226

Paper2 by Yena-Resize 750x750- Copy-Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer-From Image-WSL226-ok
Layers-Merge Group

Duplicate Mask Layer- Make this smaller using your Raster Deform Tool-
Blend your masks together till your satisfied with the look
Layers-Merge Visible

Element 4-Frame by Klapinka-Resize 500x400-
Paste into your layerSharpen-Dropshadow

Paper 1- By Matka- Resize -350x350- Paste into your frame,adjusting
to fit.
 Sharpen-Dropshadow with same settings as above.

Element 10-Janette Designs- Resize 400x159-
Paste under the frame at bottom

Element 12-Janette Designs-Resize 350x248-Anchor-
Paste to Right of Frame at Bottom

Element 1-By Klapinka-Flower- Resize 200x150-
Paste to left at Bottom of frame-Duplicate layer-
 Paste under diagnally-Sharpen-Dropshadow each

Element 1-By Janette Designs- Rocking Chair
Resize 300x412-Paste to Left at Bottom

Element 10- By Zuzzkap-Seashells
Resize 150x150- Paste on The rocking chair-

Element 1-By Zuzzkap-Lil boat-Resize-150x150-
Paste inside your frame on the water

Element 2-By Zuzzkap- Resize-150x150-Paste top Right on Frame

Element 15-By Zuzzkap- Resize 500x500-
Paste under Frame at bottom as shown

Element 7- By Janette Design- Lil T-shirt
Resize 250x263- Paste on left hanging on the rocking chair

Element 3- By Palvinka- canoe-Resize-250x263-
Paste at Bottom as above-Dropshadow

Element 1-By Pavinka- Star Fishes- Resizes 150x206
Paste to right top -Dropshadow

Tube- Paste your tube into your creation by moving the layer down
untill all elements are intermingling correctly.

Layers-Merge Visible

Adjust your tag so you have room to write the word art

Using your Facets Font- Size 72-2 stroke- 
Write Summer Breeze- Color of your choice

Layers-Merge Visible-Sharpen-Dropshadow
Now add your copyright information
Merge visible again

Save your original and now you may use the Dimwitfont
to write your name

All done! Thanks for trying my tut today

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