Sunday, June 15, 2014


Scrap kit is a beautiful kit called "Urban"created by Devilish Dezines
You can purchase her kits from ScrapsnCompany

Matching Tube - by Danny Lee which you need a license to use and may get it
 all over at ScrapsnCompany

Mask- WSL226 from Chelle at Weescotslass Creations

Font- I am using - Wayoshi

OK Lets Begin

New Image 900x900
Minimize WSL226 Mask

Paper 5 -900x900-Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Duplicate Mask Layer-Merge Visible  
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Drop shadow use these settings throughout Tut

Cluster Frame 2- Paste as a New Layer
 Sharpen - Drop shadow - 

Paper 1- 400x400- Paste in your Frame
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Close Up Tube-700x700- Paste into Frame 
Erase any extra tubing over the frame- Duplicate Layer- Move layer up
 from Layer Palette- Erase Bottom of Frame and beginning sides.
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Full Tube- Paste to Right of Creation
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 26- Black Light Stand- Paste to Right Behind Tube
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 38- Red Ribbon- Rotate Right-= Paste to Left Behind Frame
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 4- 500x500- Round Disc- Paste to Right behind Tube
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 25- Leaves- 350x176- Paste to Left Behind Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste to Left Top behind Frame.
Now Mirror Image- Paste another Layer to Right Over the disc-
One more layer - Paste to Top Center. Adjust your leaves to match mine
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 8-  Heart- 100x110- Paste to Top Center Corner of Frame
 Sharpen - Drop shadow 

Element 44- 250x207- Paste the flowers to bottom Left- 
Duplicate layer- Paste beside

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