Saturday, May 3, 2014


Scrap kit is a beautiful kit called "Red Queen" by Nika at Devilish Dezines.
You can purchase Nika’s kits from ScrapsnCompany 

Matching Tube "Red Queen" By Danny Lee  all over at S&CO

Mask- WSL226 from Chelle at Weescotslass Creations

Font- I am using DKfledermopus

         OK Lets Begin

New Image 800x800
Minimize WSL226 Mask

Paper 3- Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen - Drop shadow

Drop shadow use these settings throughout Tut

Frame 1- 500x504- Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Paper 5-400x400 Paste into Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Cluster 5 by Gwenda- 400x308- Paste to Bottom Right
Duplicate Layer- Mirror Image- Paste to Left as shown 
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 9- Floor- 788x164- Paste to Bottom Under Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste behind Under Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Close Up Tube- 550x550- Paste into Frame
Move Layer Down so tube is under frame and top of tube is larger than Frame top
Erase any extra tube outside Frame at sides and Bottom

Duplicate Layer- Move Layer Up then erase bottom of Frame to look as shown
Automatic Saturation Enhancement- More Colorful- Strong- Skin tone present

 Now Open Your Full Size Tube- 650x650 Mirror Image
Paste to Left - Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 5- 400x482- Paste to Top Right
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 45- Branches- 400x441- Paste to Bottom in between the Grass
as Shown- Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 37- 400x271- Paste to Bottom Center as Shown
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 33- Red Bush- 400x338 Paste to Left behind Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste below on Left behind Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 18- Castle- 300x431- Paste to Right Behind Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 34- 250x212- Paste to Top Right
Duplicate Layer- Mirror Image- Paste to Left Top as Shown
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 24- 250x196- Red Stems- Paste to Bottom Center
behind Grass- Duplicate Layer- Paste beside-
Sharpen - Drop shadow

One Last Look Before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow 

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original first
Now Using Font Provided add your Name

All Done!
Thanks For Trying My tutorial Today

Hugs Diamond

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