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There's so many Great Artists out there, I find myself  using different Tube with these gorgeous kits 
to give you a different view on what you can do with the kits. I hope you like the option!

OK Lets get started! 
The Only Changes made to this tutorial is the color of  Word art and the tube which will be highlighted as we go so you can decide.

Scrap kit is a beautiful kit called "Vintage ESK" by Peony at P,O, Concept.
You can purchasePeony's  kits from ScrapsnCompany
and PFD

Tube Tag 1
 "Gang Girl" By The Hunter
Tag 2 Tube
-Keith Garvey Tube "Lola"

Mask- WSL226 from Chelle at Weescotslass Creations

Font- I am using Battlelines

New Image 900x900
Minimize WSL226 Mask

Paper 14- 800x800-Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group-Duplicate Mask Layer- Auto Saturation-Merge Visible-
 Sharpen - Drop shadow

Drop shadow use these settings throughout Tut

Frame El 83- -Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Paper 12 -400x400 Paste into Frame-Auto Saturation-
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Open Hunter Tube Close up- Crop close  up to chest- 559x630-
Paste inside frame- Erase any extra under frame before we Duplicate layer-Auto Saturation-Duplicate Layer to Move up like mine- Erase bottom of Frame to complete

Sharpen - Drop shadow

Option 2- Garvey Tube
Open Close up-500x506- Paste into Frame- Erase any extra under Frame-
Auto Saturation- Duplicate Layer- Move tube up like mine
Erase bottom of Frame- Sharpen - Drop shadow

Element 10- Mirror- Paste to Left behind Frame-
Duplicate Layer- Paste to Right-
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 115- Diamonds- Paste to Top Under Frame

Element 25- Car- 600x342- Paste to Right Bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 50- Word art- Paste to Top
Colorize- Hunter Tag 
Using Color Filter- Hue148-Brightness-78- Saturation- 197
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Colorize Using the Garvey Creation
Colorize- Hue 72- Saturation-102
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 59- Butterflies- 200x175- Paste to Left
of Frame- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 1- Piano- Paste to Top under Word art
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Open Full Tube-Hunter Tube- 700x700
Garvey Tube- 700x709
Paste your Tube of Choice to the right in front of car
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 103- Umbrella- Paste to Top Right above
the Tube as shown- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 45- Bridge- Paste to Left Behind Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 67- Key- 100x217- Paste to top Left hanging on the letter O
Erase part of hook to look like mine- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 69- Splatter- 400x352- Paste to Left of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 77- Bow- 150x232- Paste to Left on Bridge
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 92- Pink Flower- 100x98- Paste to Bottom Of Frame
Duplicate Layer x2- Paste Beside- Automatic Saturation
on all elements- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 29-200x228- Paste to Top left under word art
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 19- Fan- 200x165- Paste to Left above Bridge
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 21- Heart- 150x166- Paste to Left above Fan
Auto Saturation- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 117- Fruit- 150x178- Paste to Bottom Left
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 101- Blue swirl- 400x374- Paste to Bottom Under elements
Duplicate Layer x2- Paste to Bottom as well like mine
Sharpen- Drop shadow

One Last Look Before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow 

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original first
Now Using Font Provided add your Name

All Done!
Thanks For Trying My tutorial Today

Hugs Diamond

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