Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Scrap Kit by Kittie's Sinful-Designz called "Thanksgiving Bliss"
available at Mystical Scraps

 Tube by Keith Garvey one of my favorite artists 
available at his store

Mask- WSL194 by Chelle

Font- Goya

Lets Begin

Paper 15- 800x800- Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer- From Image - WSL194 -OK
Layers-Merge Group- Sharpen- Drop Shadow
Use these settings throughout tutorial

Frame- Element 1- -Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Paper 1- 450x450- Paste into Frame
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Close up tube- Re-size 700x601- Paste into the frame

adjust erase extra tube over frame on sides and bottom
Duplicate Layer - Move up to look like mine
Erase bottom of Tube to see Frame

Autumn Grab 1- 300x300- Paste to Top Left on Frame
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Cornucopia- 300x300- Mirror Image- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Flower 2- 300x306- Paste to Top Right Under Frame
Duplicate Layer x2- Paste in that right Top Corner
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Rope With Ribbon-  Turn Sideways- Paste to Left on Frame
300x300- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Scarecrow-200x317- Paste to Right Behind Frame
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Bird- 100x75- Paste to Left
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Creme Brulee- 200x300- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Basket Full Of  Pumpkin- 200x200-
Paste to Bottom Right- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Wooden Pumpkin- 150x150- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Bow 1- 100x75- Paste to Left in center of other two Bows
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Fall Decor 1- 300x353- Paste to Bottom Left
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Fall Decor 2- 300x150- Paste to Top Center on Frame
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Leaf 7- 300x250- Paste to Bottom Center
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Pumpkin 2- 100x100- Paste to Top Center
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Fall Decor 3-300x192- Adjust sideways- Paste to Right
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Using Font Provided- Type in 
Thanksgiving Blessings
Apply text to Top Of Creation
Drop shadow

One Last Look Before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow 

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original first
Now Using Font Provided add your Name

All Done!
Tanks For Trying My tutorial Today

Hugs Diamond

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