Saturday, June 8, 2013


Scrap Kit- I am using Tiny Turtle Designs "Mermaid" a truly Phenomenal kit
and can say its one of my favorites now! Thank you!!

Matching Tube "Mermaid" by Jay Trembly another gorgeous Match to this kit
Thank you Jay I Love it!
Mask- WSL226 by Chelle

Word Art-Splash
 which I don't know who is creator so please
if anyone notices contact me so I can credit them.
Font- Plug-NickelBlack
OK Lets Begin
Minimize Mask226

New Image 800x800

Paper 13- 900X900
Layers- New Mask Layer - From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers-Merge Group- Duplicate Layer- Merge Visible-Sharpen- Drop Shadow
Using These settings throughout tut

Frame El 31 -750x728- Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Paper 2- 500x500- Paste into your Frame
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Open Close-Up- Paste into your Frame- adjust to your choice and I 
Duplicated the layer- Move Layer up so top of Tube is above the frame as shown

 Element 101- 225x219- Paste to Bottom Right of Frame
Duplicate layer- Paste below- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 18- 300x244-- Paste to Right Behind Flower
Duplicate layer- Paste to Right Bottom on left under flower

 Element 101- 225x219- Paste to Bottom Right of Frame
Duplicate layer- Paste below- Sharpen- Drop Shadow
Open Full Tube - Paste to Right- Adjust the size to your choice
Duplicate Layer - Mirror Image- Paste to The Right as shown
Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 58-325x237- Paste to Top Right Behind Frame
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 11- 300x508 -Paste to Left Behind Frame
 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

 Element 43-Paste to Bottom Under Flowers as Shown
  Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 48- 200x158 - Paste to Left above El 43
as Shown- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

 Element 30-  200x154- Heart- Paste to Bottom toward Left
 above Leaves- Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 91- Mirror Image- 200x141- Paste under elements with front
 of bottle facing the left - Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 42- Paste to Left Behind Frame near Bottom like mine

 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 61- Paste to Bottom Under leaves 

 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

Element 99- 200x71 -Paste to Bottom Left
- Duplicate Layer- Paste beside - 

 Sharpen- Drop Shadow

One last look before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible

Open Word Art- Paste to Top Right of Tag

Layers- Merge Visible

Add Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible
Save Original and now using the font provided you can add your Name

All Done!
Thanks for trying my tut today
Hugs Diamond

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