Sunday, January 20, 2013



Scrap kit- I am using kit " Wild One" created by Amy Marie which you can get all her lovely 
kits at SATC

Tube- I am using Keith Garvey which you need a license to use and can get
all of his art at his site

Mask- WSL226 from Chelle

Font-Night Sky

OK Lets Begin

Paper 7- Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen- Drop shadow using settings

Frame- Element 13- Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow using same settings as above

Paper 2- 500x500- Paste into your Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

 Element 2- 

Element 25- 550x555- Paste on outside of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

 Element 12-Ribbon- 222x400- Paste to Left of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 34- 150x139- Paste to Left of Frame on Ribbon
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 38- 150x299- Paste to Left of Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 24-Bike- 350x283- Paste to Bottom Left of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Elements 51 and 52- Ribbons- Paste both under the Frame at Bottom
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Star trail- Paste to Bottom Left- Duplicate layer- Paste to Right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 68- 129x300- Paste to Right 
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 19- 250x166- Paste to Right on Star- Erase inside
Star- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 36- Shoe- 150x149- Paste to Right Bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Open Your tube- Using the closeup- Paste tube into your frame
Make top of Tube larger than top of frame as we are going
to Duplicate this layer. Erase any extra tube on sides and bottom over the frame
Layers- Duplicate Layer
Move Layer up until it looks like mine.

Make any last changes before we Merge
Layers- Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Add Copyright Information
Sharpen- Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original
Using Font provided you can now add your Name
All done
Thank you for trying my tut today
Hugs Diamond

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  1. Debi all you do is copy and paste the link into yoru Browser I tried it and it worked fine I am using Google Chrome so my links are lil different let me know if you can get them. Hugs Diamond