Sunday, December 9, 2012



Scrap kit

Beautiful New Release "Icey Blue" Designed by Nicky from Inzpired Creationz 
along with a new release of Matching tube by Misticheskaya over at Satc
You need a License to use the tube as well

WSL226 from Chelle

Font of Choice

New Image  800x800
Minimize Your Mask WSL226

Paper 11- 
Paste as a New Layer
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image - WSL226-OK
Layers - Merge Visible
Paper 3 -
 Paste as a new Layer- Layers- New Mask Layer-
From Image-WSL226-OK

Adjust this Mask to blend better with original Mask Layer by making it smaller
Then Layers- Merge Group - Sharpen- Drop shadow using these settings

Frame 4
Paste into Layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow now using these settings throughout tutorial

Paper 3-
Re size 400 x 400 - Paste into your Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bow 1
Re size 400 x 500- Paste to Left of Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow

Flower 1-
Re size 200 x178- Paste to Right- Duplicate Layer x 2- Paste to Center bottom and also to Right Bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Pine Cones- 
Re size 300x 168- Paste to Right Bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Ribbon 3-
Re size 400 x 345- Paste to Bottom under the Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Snowflake 3
 Re size 200 x 200
Paste to Left Top- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Sparkles 1
Re size 400 x 301- Paste to Left Bottom Under Frame
Duplicate Layer- Paste to Right under elements 
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Stars 1- 
352 x 119- Paste to Top of Creation as Shown
7-7-35.00-5 OK

Ornament 1
Re size- 250 x 281
Erase the holder string to look like a ball
Then  Paste to Center at bottom
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Re size - 250 x 221
Paste to The Right Bottom- Duplicate layer 
Paste to Left- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Re size 300 x 307 - Paste to Right Top Under Frame - Duplicate Layer Paste behind original
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Snow Man- 
Re size- 125 x 170 Paste to Right inside frame with partial tube
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Branches 1
Re size -590 x 174
Paste at Bottom under all your elements to look like it mingles well
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Tree 1

Re size 125-532-  Paste to Left of Frame
Drop shadow- Sharpen

Open your Tube- Using Cropping Tool, Crop half her body-

Re size  the tube to  almost half of the top tube. Paste your tube inside your frame.
Dropshadow- Sharpen
One last look before you merge your creation

:Layers- Merge Visible

Sharpen- Dropshadow-
Add Copyright INMformation

Merge Visible- Add your Font of choice

Save original.



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