Sunday, November 11, 2012


Gwenda and I have been so busy these past few weeks!! We are having alot of fun being 
now CT Tut Designers and cant say enough about  the Creators.

OK I will keep you all posted as they are just too beautiful to let pass and you wont be disappointed for sure.

This New Xmas Kit was soo pretty and the colors were soo funky and fresh I enjoyed working with it.

The Scrap kit is called "Gothic Wonderland" and is designed by Nicky at  Inzpired Creationz.
You can get this beautiful kit on sale today here at SATC

Tube of Choice- I am using Alex Prihodko from PFD -Pics for Designs

Mask- From Chelle's Site WSL226

Font- Phrixus

OK Lets get Tuttin!

New Image 800x800
Minimize your Mask WSL226- OK

Paper 3- Copy - Paste as a New Layer- make sure to cover the whole canvas with  your paper. 
Layers- New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group  Adjust- Auto Saturation Enhancement
set as More Colorful- Strong- Skin tone Present
Layers -Duplicate your Mask layer- Merge Vi sable

Frame 2- Re size 500x 483- Copy- Paste into your layer- Sharpen- Drop shadow 
Use these settings throughout the tut

Paper 6- 300x300 - Paste into your Frame -Sharpen- Drop shadow
with settings above

Glow Lights- Re size 350x 306- Copy- Paste to Left bottom under frame- 
Duplicate your layer and paste to top Right  under your frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Grass 1- Copy-Paste to Bottom Right of Frame
Sharpen - Drop shadow-Duplicate Layer- Paste beside as shown

Pointsetta 300x284- Paste on the Grass to Right adjusting direction to look like mine
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Ribbon 3- Re size 450x 199- Paste at Bottom moving your layer down under the other elements
intermingling so it matches with rest of layers. 
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Scattered Snow- 300x268- Paste to Right  in part of your grass to dress it up
Drop shadow- Sharpen

Skull- 300x267- Paste on the Pointsetta to cover the Pink flower
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Scarf- 250-48- Paste to Left under image 2

Tree Re size -300 x 510 Paste to the Left of under Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Word art- Just be Goth-  Re size 400 x 289-  Paste to Top Left
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Image 2- 250x48-  Paste to top left under your word art challenge 

Hat- 250-365- Paste to Left on Frame- Sharpen-Drop shadow 

Candle Lips- Re size 200x159- Paste to Left -Sharpen- Drop shadow

Lastly we are going to choose our tube of choice. I am using the art of a
Alex Prihodko from Pics for Designs. 
Open your Tube- I cropped my tube because I wanted to get only her top half so using your crop tool-
Outline the top of tube to below her shoulder and double click on the square in center of your highlight.

OK Now paste your cropped tube into the frame by moving the layer all the way done 
until your elements are all in place above the tube- Position your tube inside frame to over lap the top of frame so we can duplicate the tube layer to look like my end result.
Erase any extra tubing  you may have at bottom of frame
Layers- Duplicate Layer  moving it up one or two layers then erase the bottom of your frame so its visible with all elements

**Once your satisfied with your tube, highlight your mask layer and  make larger to enhance the tag using the Raster Deform Tool**

Layers- Merge Visible- Sharpen- Drop shadow
add your Copyright Information
Merge Visible- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Save your Original  
Now you can use the font provided to add names or whatever.

We are done! Pretty east tut today which I hope you enjoyed!


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