Sunday, October 21, 2012



Scrap kit- Gorgeous kit exclusively at SATC by DevilishDezines
called " Dreams of Yesterday" 

Visit Nika and her newest creations also on her Blog

Tube of Choice- I am using Anna Marine which you need a license to use
and mat get everything over at CDO

Mask- My One and Only WSL226 by Chelle over at Weescotslass Creations

Font- Hugo Cabret

OK, Lets Get Busy!!

New Image 750x750
Minimize your WSL226 Mask

Paper 5- Re size 800x800- Copy-Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers-Merge Group- Sharpen

Frame 1- Re size 500x500 Copy- Paste into Layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow using these settings throughout the tutorial

Paper 6- Re size 400x400- Paste into your Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 25- Re size 400x221- Paste to Right of Frame by turning element upwards
Layers- Duplicate layer- Image- Mirror and paste beside.
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 27- Re size 400x240- Turn element upwards and Paste to Right in between 
your Branches- Layers- Duplicate- Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 2- Bottle- Re size 100x425- Paste to Right making sure your stems are 
hidden behind this element. Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 66- Re size 300x220- Paste to Right Behind your Bottle
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 48- Re size 200x252- Turn your element so its facing Left and Paste
behind the bottle to the Left- Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 85- Re size 400x83- Paste at Bottom Right behind bottle layer
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 97- Re size 250x133 Paste to Bottom under Bottle to Right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Element 29- 300x111- Paste to Right under your Bottle layer adjust moving the layer 
till it looks right- Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 54- Re size 300x124- Paste to Right in front of your Bottle
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 57- Re size 200x245- Paste to Right of your Bottle element
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 22- Re size 200x314- Paste to Left of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 1- Re size 350x397- Paste to Left behind Frame-Drop shadow
Duplicate Layer

Element 100- Ribbon- 250x473- Image Flip- Image Mirror- Paste to Left
on Frame- Sharpen-Drop shadow- Duplicate layer- Paste beside

Element 65- Re size 100x 92 Paste to Left on Ribbon -Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 23- Re size 250x217-Paste to Left on Ribbon- 
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 44- Paste to Bottom over ends of Ribbon
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add Your Tube Of Choice- I copy- Pasted my tube into the frame by moving 
the layer down until everything looked visible. Duplicate your tube layer and move it up one so 
it looks like mine. Sharpen-Drop shadow

Take a last look at your Creation making sure everything is synced together. Once your satisfied, Layers- Merge Visible-Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add Copyright information
Merge Visible

Save Your Original
Now add your Name using the font provided.
All done! 

Thank you all for trying my tut today!

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