Sunday, October 14, 2012



Scrap kit- I am using a FTU kit offered from Amy Marie over at her blog

Tube of Choice - I am using Elias Chatzoudis Tube which you need a license to use
and may purchase on his new site

Mask- Using my usual favorite mask WSL226 which you can get at Chelle's site

Font- Night sky

OK Lets Begin!

New Image 750x750
Minimize your Mask WSL226

Paper 15- Copy- Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226- OK
Layers-Merge Group
Sharpen-Drop shadow using these settings throughout tutorial

Frame 1- Re size 500x500- Copy-Paste as a New Layer
Sharpen-Drop shadow same settings

Paper 19- Re size 400x400- Copy-Paste into your Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Kittywpumpkins- Re size 300x254- Copy-Paste to the Bottom right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Leaf Pile- Copy-Paste to Left bottom under your kittywpumkins
Layers-Duplicate- paste to the Right as shown
Sharpen- Drop shadow both elements

Rake- Copy- Paste to Left on Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Rock- Re size 100x54- Copy-Paste Bottom Center under the leaves
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Tree 3- 300x395- Paste to Right behind the kittywpumpkins
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Autumn Basket- Re size 200x131- Copy-Paste at Bottom and move the layer down so it 
mixes in with the leaves as shown.
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Fall Word Art- Re size 200x109- Copy-Paste to Left on the Rake
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 28- Re size 200x272- Copy-Paste to Left
Behind the Frame as shown
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Element 14- Squirrel- 50x71- Copy-Paste to Left
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Tube- open your tube of choice- I am using Elias Chatzoudis-
Copy-Paste into your Frame by moving the layer down to above the frame layer
Drop shadow tube

Take a last look at your creation to make sure it all looks good to you.
Now Layers-Merge Visible
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Add Your copyright information
Layers-Merge Visible
Save your original before adding your name

Using the font provided add your name and save your tag!
All Finished. I hope you enjoyed doing my tut today.

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