Monday, October 15, 2012



Scrap kit-  I am using a lovely kit offered by 
"A Taggers Scrap"  called "Vintage Girl" .

Tube of Choice- I am using Zindy Nielsen tube, which you need a license to use her art
and can get all over at her store

Mask- Using my usual favorite WSL226 from Chelle over at
Weescotslass Creations

Font- Petty 1.0

Word art-  Autumn/Fall from Misfits Creations
Already Colored Word Art

OK Lets Begin

New Image 750x750
Minimize your WSL226 Mask

Paper 34- Copy- Paste as a New Layer
Layers-New Mask Layer- From Image- WSL226-OK
Layers- Merge Group- Sharpen

Frame 5- Re size 500x500- Copy- Paste into Canvas
Sharpen- Drop shadow using these settings throughout the rest of the tutorial

Paper 27- Re size 400x400- Paste into your Frame- Adjust paper so it covers what I have covered in the wired frame. Sharpen- Drop shadow

Leaves 3- Re size 250x352- Copy- Paste to Right on Frame
Layers- Duplicate Layer- Image-Mirror
Paste beside- Sharpen- Drop shadow both elements

Sparkles- Re size 500x500- Copy- Paste to Right under Frame
Layers- Duplicate Layer- Image- Mirror and paste to Left under frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow both elements

Table 2- Re size 200x204- Copy- Paste to Bottom Right
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Beads- Re size 300x178 - Copy- Paste to Bottom underneath your Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Cameo- Re size 75x66- Paste to Left center on frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Bow 5- 200x 146- Paste to Left Bottom of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Flower 10- Re size 250x250- Copy-Paste to Left behind Frame
Layers-Duplicate Layer- Paste to Right bottom behind your Frame
Sharpen- Drop shadow both elements

Flower 9- 150x164- Copy-Paste behind Frame on Right
Layers- Duplicate Layer- Paste to top Left behind Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow both elements

Purse- Re size 100x 79- Copy-Paste on the end table
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Pen- Re size 100x28- Copy-Paste next to Purse
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add Your Tube- Copy- Paste your Tube of Choice into your Frame
by moving the layer down until your tube is inside your frame.
Arrange your tube so the top of tube is above your frame as we are going to duplicate
the layer. Erase first any extra tube you might have at bottom.
Now, Layers- Duplicate Layer- Move your layer up one so your tube now looks like mine
erase the bottom of frame so its visible like mine
Sharpen- Drop shadow

Flower 10- 100x100- Copy- Paste to Top Left of Frame
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Word art- Open your word art using the original Misfits or my pre-colored
Word art that I supplied to you.  Copy and Paste in the Frame as shown

Take a last look before we Merge Our Creation
Layers-Merge Visible
Sharpen-Drop shadow

Add your Copyright Information
Layers- Merge Visible

Save your Original
Now you may add your Name using the Font I provided
All Done! 
Thanks Again for trying my Tutorial today, I hope you all

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